Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Upper Masts

Still a long way to go on the rigging but sometimes you need to look at how much you have done and not how much there is to do!

Things are going to get a lot harder shortly in terms of access.

Standing rigging coming along.

I am going to make some coils of rope to lay over ropes attached to the canons, at the moment there disappear into the deck, obviously when the coils of rope lay over these it wont be visible.

I think i am soon going to have to remove the ships life boats to enable better access to the belaying pins.

Very pleased with the end result the jigs i made to keep everything in line really worked well.

The ratlines certainly take a long time to make them look neat, at least the upper ones are a little shorter and less shrouds which means each line is short (so less clove hitches)

Some of you may have noticed that i have not done any work to the front boom jib, this is intentional, i don't get to spend much time working on the model (hence why its taken around 12 years so far) and i like to keep it safe and it is stored in a large wardrobe for safe keeping (kids around the house etc) if i were to to the jib boom it wouldn't go in the wardrobe and would have to stay constantly out and would be at risk of damage.
So i am trying to avoid installing the jib boom for as long as possible.

Soon be starting the upper shrouds and ratlines.