Wednesday, 30 April 2003

Hull Formers and Decks

A close up of the rear terrace's showing the curvature of the decks. The two blocks between the two rear terraces are there to keep them parallel to one another, while providing more strength.

Another view of the decks, note the timber across the deck on the 7Th hull former was only glued slightly as this was to be removed at a later stage.

The 3 decks glued in positioned along with the rear terrace's.

Showing the blocks in position again looking back it would have been better to have painted these out black before the planking was started.

The side ribs showing the blocks that are used to accept the dummy canons, looking back now it would have been better to have made these bigger, so the tolerance was bigger when opening up the gun ports.

So this is it the start of the San Felipe

After completing the HMS Pandora a few years ago I promised myself I would never do another period ship model as that one took me 5 years !

So here I am starting another one, and yes ive now jumped in the deep end with probably one of the hardest ships to construct, so who knows how long this one will take.

But its a hobby and theres no time limit on it, the idea is to enjoy it and its finished when its finished (well thats what I keep telling myself)

The first stage was to make sure the hull formers are straight, and think of a way of holding the hull while it is being constructed.