Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Gallery Detail

I decided not to paint the bottom gallery blue until later in the build when all the rest of the stern work had been completed, this would stop any glue etc getting on the painted surface while handling it to fit the handrails etc.

Gluing the handrails around the stern, I used alraldite rapid glue to do this, it is a 2 part epoxy resin that is very strong when cured. It also is a slight gap filling glue (as opposed to super glue that is not) It also allows a lot more working time (about 10 minutes)

Another view of the columns, the process can be seen more easily looking at the end section.

I had to make a few brass columns, I started with a 3mm brass rod cut over length, placed in a cordless drill and turned using various files, the column was then cut to length and then filed in half as it was to be used against the forecastle. They turned out very nice , I was more than happy with the results.