Sunday, 20 September 2009


The cannons finally all finished and fitted, just 6 carronades to fit at a later stage.

You can also see the breeching ropes that have now been attached.

The canons in position with the rigging in position, the ropes have been threaded through a hole in the deck. Later on in the build I will coil some rope and position them over the hole in the deck where the rope goes through. This will give the impression that the rope has been coiled on the ship.

Anything that can be done off the ship is well worth doing, I attached all the blocks to the eyelets on the ship, as well as the eyelets on the canons prior to fitting.

All the canons lined and up fully assembled.

A cannon finished, with the eyelets in position for the rigging of the cannon to the ships walls.

As there were quite a few canons to make I felt it was well worth the time making a jig to assemble the carraiges, this would make the process much faster and more accurate.