Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Masts and Shrouds

Time to start the ratlines now, I don't want to even know how many clove hitch knots I am going to have to tie !








The template also keeps all the bindings in line.




The templates really keep the deadeyes in line, and well worth doing.


All the Lanyards now done, all turned out as good as I hoped it would.

The ship is kept in an empty wardrobe when its not being worked on, which is why I haven't put the bowsprit into position yet. We have a young son running around the house so its best kept safe until it wont fit in the wardrobe anymore.
Really pleased with how its going, the template seems to be working a treat.

I decided to make a template to make sure all the shrouds were in line, it should just be a case of pulling the pins out when I rig the dead eyes. 


I decided to Cad these out to be sure the holes etc. were in the correct place. I then cut each section out and used it as a guide for the divisions with the holes already marked on each section. 

So time to start the masts and rigging ! Anyone that has made a model period ship will know this is a daunting task.